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Colin Cowherd: Jets Should Ditch Aaron Rodgers, Tank For QB in 2024 Draft

Colin Cowherd: “The Jets and Packers have not spoken this week according to Adam Schefter. Green Bay wants a first-round pick, I would too, and if I were the Jets I would give you my first-round pick for Aaron Rodgers. The Jets are like ‘you’re not getting our first-round pick.’ What happens if they don’t get Aaron Rodgers? I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. If you start Zach Wilson that’s a four-win team. That ain’t terrible. Let’s be honest, Aaron ain’t winning a Super Bowl with this team in the AFC. In the last four years with the Packers his playoff record is 2-3, and they have a good o-line, run-game , good structure, good head coach, and the NFC is lousy. You think you’re going to the AFC and winning?? NO, he's a Band-Aid. Here’s where it gets interesting… You keep your picks, you move off him, and you start Zach Wilson. Carolina, Houston, and the Colts should be bad this year, but they’re drafting quarterbacks [in this Draft]. How many teams next year are going to need a quarterback and be bad? Atlanta and the Jets if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t come, and there’s two A++ prospects [Caleb Williams, Drake Maye]. If the owner goes to Robert Saleh and their GM Joe Douglas, and would promise, extend them publicly for another year or two, if I was Saleh or Joe Douglas I’d be like ‘I’m done with the headaches, let’s not do a one-year Band-Aid with Aaron Rodgers. Let’s go long-term, let’s go into the tank.’ That’s what Atlanta is doing. It makes too much sense for Atlanta to get Lamar Jackson, but what Atlanta is saying is there are better prospects than Lamar Jackson next year. The Colts, Atlanta, and the Jets without Aaron Rodgers would be in a very short list of teams that need a quarterback and aren’t good.”

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the New York Jets should consider bagging the Aaron Rodgers plan and just start Zach Wilson for the entire 2023 season with their eyes set on USC’s Caleb Williams or UNC’s Drake Maye in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Check out the segment above as Colin says the Jets are not winning a Super Bowl in the loaded AFC with Rodgers anyway, and should just plan for a long-term solution instead of a ‘Band-Aid’ one with the perennial playoff underachiever Rodgers.

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