Raiders Are Not As Good As Everyone Seems To Think They Are

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images North America

RJ Bell: "Right now the line in the game is Chargers at home favored by three over the Raiders and this was a three-and-a-half early in the week...I like the Raiders a good bit tonight. AJ how are you feeling about it?"

AJ Hoffman: "I like the Raiders at three-and-a-half and I would lean the Chargers at three...This line saying the Chargers are favored are a point, point-and-a-half better, I think that it's greater than that."

RJ Bell: "I think one thing you got to do is at most give the Chargers a point or so for home field advantage, and I think that's probably too much."

AJ Hoffman: "The win against the Ravens was great. But then the Steelers win, the Dolphins win, you're talking about wins that aren't aging well, I'm just not sure the Raiders are as good as everyone seems to think they are.

Listen to RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman preview Monday night's matchup between the Raiders and the Chargers Vegas-style.

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