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Brian Kelly: There’s Never a Tactful Way to Say Goodbye

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

New LSU Head Football Coach Brian Kelly joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Dan dives right in and asks him the tough questions about when, how, and most intriguingly, why he left Notre Dame for LSU. Kelly is open and honest with Dan about what he was thinking and the timeline of events surrounding his departure, explaining that he was on a recruiting trip for the Irish when the job officially became his. He reminds Dan that there really is no tactful way to exit in a situation like this.

Dan Patrick: “Is there a tactful way to say goodbye?”

Brian Kelly: “Never. It’s always difficult because of, you know, things get leaked and they get out to the media before you can get in front of your guys. I did the best I could. I was on the road recruiting and things got, you know, out to the media before...but I was able to send a note to my guys and then get in front of them yesterday at 7am and tell them I love them. I love my guys and they know I love them. And I think they are one of the best four teams in the country and they deserve to play in the College Football Playoff. ”

Dan: “OK, wait a minute; you’re recruiting in LA yesterday?”

Brian: “Yes.”

Dan: “OK, how does that work that you’re recruiting and then, do you get on the plane and find out you’re taking over LS...”

Brian: “Yes.”

Dan: “Yes?”

Brian: “Yes. Yeah, this is crazy.”

Dan: “So you’re recruiting as Notre Dame’s Head Coach, get on a plane, en route back to South Bend you find out that this deal has been solidified.”

Brian: “Yes sir.”

Dan: “Wow!”

Brian: “True story.”

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