The NBA Has an Image Problem

Photo: ezra shaw

Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres are covering for Doug Gottlieb while Doug attends to some of his Madness obligations and they turn their attention to the NBA for a moment. They react to Portland Trail Blazers superstar PG Damian Lillard’s recent comments about the unrealistic expectations that players face in today’s NBA. This trend is a function of the media making everything a competition across different generations and only respecting players in terms of the championship rings they’ve won. It feels like everyone has to be ranked or judged instead of simply being appreciated for their skills on the court, and it’s turning fans off.

Aaron Torres: “The conversations that the media has about the NBA is not the conversation that any fan has about the NBA.”

Dan Beyer: “Everything has to be ranked, or tiered, or put into some sort of place. And by the way, if it’s not a championship ring, then it’s not good enough. And it’s a huge problem. It’s why the NBA stinks.”

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