Why LeBron James' Chances of Winning Another NBA Title Are Officially Over

Colin Cowherd: “I was watching the Suns game last night…they would sweep the Lakers in four games if all four games were played in Los Angeles. The Lakers will not catch the Phoenix Suns for the next half-decade, it’s over. Forget the Warriors, and the Warriors are better than the Lakers too. The Suns are better everywhere. Defensively they’re long, they’re versatile, they’re athletic, they have a rim protector, and they play ten guys deep. They’ve got some veterans, but 7 of their 10 players are in their prime. NONE of the Lakers’ top 10 guys are in their prime. The Suns are an incredibly defensive team, and incredibly deep and versatile. Offensively they have a Hall of Fame smart point guard, they have a lethal number two scoring guard, they have a rim protector who can guard anyone on the floor, they get easy points down low, they’re the best clutch team in the league – 9-1 in ‘clutch’ situations, and have the highest field goal percentage in ‘clutch’ situations. They’re smart guys who get the ball to the right teammate. Unlike the Lakers, the Suns love their coach. The Lakers are old, Jurassic, outdated, tired, the bench is old, the starters are old, AD is brittle, and Westbrook in crisis is a disaster. We have to be honest about this, the Phoenix Suns are the new power in the West, and if you look at the construct of their roster they are not going away… LeBron now doesn’t have the power to attract younger players to want to play with him, that’s why he has to call Westbrook and ‘Melo, two guys generationally who still hold him in high esteem. The Devin Bookers? The Mikal Bridges? ‘I’m not giving my brand to LeBron.’ We have to be honest in our business, the Lakers aren’t that interesting, they’re not as deep, they’re not as athletic, they’re not as long, they don’t love their coach, you just gotta come to terms if you’re a Lakers fan. You don’t have a single elite player on that roster in their prime, and you’re not going to change at the Trade Deadline. There is a new sheriff in town and it’s Phoenix. If you watched that Suns vs. Warriors game and thought the Lakers can compete with that, you’re lying to yourself. They aren’t even close and 1,000 miles down the road from that.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks LeBron James’ chances of winning another NBA Championship in Los Angeles have finally gone out the window.

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