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Colin Cowherd Mocks the 'Narcissism' in Kyrie Irving's IG Live Complaints

Kyrie Irving: “I’m a free agent this summer but I am in no rush to make a decision. The speculation around my name from all these individuals who get on TV, and all these people who have these platforms… When they speak on my name and they’re talking about potential teams I’m going to, can ya’ll please, respectfully, I’m asking you, please stop paying attention to that. I am in no rush to make a decision. I know what’s ahead of me for the rest of my career.”

Colin Cowherd: “Kyrie Irving is very upset! He’s very upset with you the public going on social media and talking about him… Little bit of narcissism here. ‘STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!... I’LL BE SITTING COURTSIDE TONIGHT AT A LAKERS GAME!’ You see this in Hollywood all the time. B-list actors call their agent to get them on the list for a big popular restaurant with paparazzi everywhere and then they complain ‘I JUST WANT PRIVACY!’ Sure, you do, champ. It’s like the people who say they’re getting off Twitter and tell you it’s a ‘hell site’ and three weeks later they’re tweeting 6x as much as they used to. They just needed attention. Jokic is not on social media. He’s too busy playing the game to ‘play the game.’ You can always put your phone down. Kyrie, you can always turn off the television. This feels like one of those ‘CAN YOU GUYS STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!’, then calls his agent, front row to see LeBron and the Lakers. Of course we’re going to speculate on you. You’re a great player, you played with LeBron, you won a title, you’re at the game, what do you want us to do?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd mock Kyrie Irving after Irving took to Instagram Live this week telling the media to take his name of their mouths when it comes to his free agency status just a week after he was spotted courtside at a Lakers playoff game leading to obvious speculation towards a possible reunion with LeBron James.

Check out the segment above as Colin brings up the irony of Irving of all people telling the media to not pay attention to him.

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