The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

Two seasoned veteran reporters collide as FSR hosts and FS1 analysts Chris Broussard and Rob Parker partner to provide listeners a credible and...Full Bio


Chris Broussard Says Kevin Durant is No Longer a Top 10 All-Time Player

Chris Broussard: “Obviously Kevin Durant is a made-man, Kevin Durant’s an all-time great, Kevin Durant’s easily ‘Top 75’, Kevin Durant’s a first-ball Hall of Famer... What I’m saying is this… His post-Warriors career has diminished his legacy in small chunks. When he was in Golden State winning those two championships, when he left Golden State there were people talking about him as a top 10 player all-time. Not a lot, but some people, if you asked them their top 10, some people had Kevin Durant in it. He was definitely viewed as ahead of Steph. He has now lost some ground. He’s definitely not ahead of Steph, and I doubt anyone is thinking of him in the top 10 now. Most people didn’t have him in there, but he’s not even in the conversation now. We knew he wasn’t a leader, he said that himself. He can get mad but he said it himself, check the GQ article from 2017. The ‘top 10’ talk is going down, is OUT, and I think guys that people had moved him ahead of [on the all-time rankings], some people may have moved him ahead of Dr. J... NO, HE’S NOT [ahead of Dr. J]. I think LeBron, Larry Bird, and Dr. J are the small forwards ahead of him. Maybe even now Jerry West people had moved behind him, and Oscar Robertson. There was a feeling that Kevin Durant was ‘unguardable’, and all you could do was hope he missed. Because he was 7’0” with handle, with a jumper, and all of that. Well, that’s not true. Obviously, he’s going to get his points because he’s an all-time great player, but people bother him. Physical defense bothers him. We saw it last year when Jayson Tatum outplayed him, and he struggled in ways I’ve never seen Kevin Durant struggle, and we saw a lot of that this series. Aaron Gordon bothered him. It wasn’t all double-teams. This notion ‘IT WAS JUST DOUBLE-TEAMS SO IT WAS WIDE OPEN FOR BOOKER!’, sometimes he was doubled and sometimes he was going against single coverage and missing. Because Aaron Gordon and the Denver Nuggets, you bump him, you hit him, all game long you hit him, you even take a foul and keep hitting him. You get tired of that stuff and it wears on you. I obviously got him way up there [in the all-time rankings], he’s a top 20-ish player, but the way things have gone for him, never getting past the second-round [since leaving Golden State] has knocked him down a little bit legacy-wise. He was in that rarefied air of dudes you expect to ‘overcome’ [injuries, chemistry issues, players leaving]. All the guys he’s mentioned with, they ‘overcame’ at some point. When has Kevin Durant overcome? You didn’t ‘overcome’ in Golden State. I’m not overstating that he’s not a great player, I’m just saying I want to see him overcome, because the guys he’s mentioned with— Bird, Magic, Olajuwon [did]… He hasn’t overcome.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Chris Broussard explain why he thinks the Phoenix Suns’ second-round exit at the hands of the top-seeded Denver Nuggets was damaging to the legacy of Kevin Durant, as Broussard says no one can possibly still include Durant in their 'top 10 of all-time’ NBA player rankings anymore.

Check out the segment above as Broussard talks about how Durant is no longer this ‘unguardable’ phenom who can carry a team to a championship like he once was.

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